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Real Estate Mogul Bonuses

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You guessed it right, this is going to be The Best Real Estate Mogul bonuses. You won’t believe what I will be offering here.  I’m still in negociating stage with a bunch of my partners, so come back in a day or so.  I promise this will blow your mind!

Real Estate Mogul Bonus

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #1 – Personal Consulting Session For 30 Minutes. ($397 Value)

Everyone Needs A Coach. When you have some questions or problems with real estate, you can talk with my partner for 30 minutes. Buying, selling, leasing, renting, investing, negotiating, staging, or more.  He’s an experienced real estate investor and a licensed Realtor. he’s also active on Trulia, a real estate website, where he ranked #1 for “Best Answers.” Whether you’re looking for a general answer or something specific to your situation, he’s here to help.

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #2 – Personal Review Of Your Investor Pitch ($197 Value)

I have developed 10 critical points you must include in your investor presentation if you want funding. The 10 critcal points will address the issues most investors are looking for.

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #3 – The Absolute Best Guide To Buying And Selling Fixer Upper Homes ($297 Value)

You will receive a 61 page ebook guide to buying and selling fixer upper homes. It is the best and most complete guide to fixing rehab properties. Trust Me, you don’t want to be without it.

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #4 – How To Buy Real Estate For Less Than 1,000 Dollars ($197 Value)

I know what you are thinking, “yeah right!” You can make millions, cars, houses… those late night real estate info commercials. I tried them too with little success. It did give me ideas. So I created my own strategies, refine it and got good at it. My course is easy & takes 1 hour to read how I buy real estate all over the US some less than $1000, some more. Start part-time, learn pitfalls, No money I share solutions. I’m available for advice!

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #5 – How To Build Your Business Credit Up To 300k ($297 Value)

I have several real estate business courses that will charge you HUNDREDS and even THOUSANDS of dollars. I have several contracts plus instructions of exactly how I made money in the business. Plus how to receive up to $300,000 in Business credit. Even in this economy.

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #6 -How To Buy A Real Estate No Money Down And Get Cash At Closing ($97 Value)

Are you frustrated and confused with today’s real estate market? Do you need help to make money in real estate? Would you like to get paid cash in 30 days??? Then you need to get bonus. I will show you how to buy real estate using at least three different methods of purchase. I will analyze your proposed purchase offer, give you additional ways to buy no money down and also show you how to get cash at closing tax free!  I also can show you a way to get cash in less than 30 days.

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #7 – How To Negotiate Foreclosures To Get The Best Possible Deal ($197 Value)

If you want to become a real estate investor, and especially if you want to specialize in distressed properties like bank owned, foreclosures and REO’s you have to know how to negotiate, because believe me, the asset managers do. This report will teach you all the ins and outs of negotiating foreclosures and how to get the best deal possible. Don’t leave thousands of dollars on the table GET THE BEST DEAL!

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #8 – 950 Customizable Real Estate Investment Forms And Contracts ($397 Value)

You will get over 950 Real Estate Investment Forms & Contracts that are totally customizable for any situation. Residential, Commercial, Lease Option, Rent To Own, Purchase, Sale, Foreclosure, Renting, Etc. The List Don’t Stop! Don’t pay an attorney $150 to prepare a form when you can do it yourself. 

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #9 – How To Do A Subject To Real Estate Transaction ($97 Value)

Subject to real estate transactions are becoming more and more prominant because of the decline in the martgage market. You will receive a 19 page ebook that will show you how to market, advertise, tell you which ads to run, what to say, and example documents that will show you how to fill out the paperwork correctly and even give you blank forms. This is one of the easiest ways to make money in real estate right now.

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #10 – Hundreds Of Customizable, Prewritten Real Estate Letters For Every Occasion ($397 Value)

You will receive hundreds of customizable real estate letters for every occasion, and I mean every occasion Letters ranging from prospecting, marketing, FSBO’s, buyers, sellers, vendors, referrals, public relation, forms, follow up, fax, email, agents and brokers and a bonus. These are letters that are proven to produce solid relationships, which equal big commissions.

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #11 – How To Make Big Money With Real Estate Options ($197 Value)

You will receive a 261 page ebook that will cover every aspect and show you how to make big money with real estate options. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make money in real estate right now. The best information available on real estate options

Real Estate Mogul Bonuses #12 – Two Short Sale Calculators ($47 Value)

Two Short Sale Calculators. When you do short sale calculations you work with a lot of numbers. To determine your offer to the bank (and ultimately your profit) you must correctly calculate all figures. While working on Short Sales for homes in pre-foreclosure, I created 2 Excel File Spreadsheets I call my Short Sale Calculators. You should have a system or method to help you determine your holding cost. If you don’t calculate properly and your bank offer is too high then you can’t maximize your profit potential. That is why it’s so important to know what your cost will be before you make an offer. While you can’t determine holding cost precisely a method or format to calculate all cost can help minimize mistakes. The short sale calculator compares benefits of a Short Sale to lender as opposed to allowing a Foreclosure (or REO). Results can be used to prove they will be better off approving the Short Sale (assuming they are) than taking possession of the home. Numbers don’t lie so prove it to them and have a better chance of acceptance (and a BIG payday)!

IMPORTANT:You will get ALL these bonuses when you purchase Real Estate Mogul for a yearly subscription.  If you’re purchasing a monthly subscription, you will get one bonus per month. 

Total Value = $2814! You’ll get all this for FREE if you purchase it RIGHT NOW!

The Best Real Estate Mogul Bonus

Remember EVERYTHING is backed up by a 100% money back guarantee so you have absolutely NOTHING to lose by placing your order right now.

How to Claim Your Real Estate Mogul Bonuses:

Forward your receipt to with the subject:Real Estate Mogul Bonuses.

Important: Please clear your cookies before purchasing to make sure you get your bonus!

Email me ( with any other questions that you might have and I will respond within 24 hours.

Best of luck to you.

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